Participants’ Voices

“When I was first approached to take part in a project set up by a variety of organisations, I had no real concept of what was involved although probably thought the intention was to video my feelings on a regular basis in an attempt to understand my depression and its cause. However, the reality was entirely different and the weekly filming and follow-up reviews gave me a totally different awareness of colour, shade and the range of subjects, which could be covered.”


“It is almost certainly too great a claim to say that I saw “into the life of things”, but the entire project gave me much more awareness of a variety of components such as colour, shade, lighting and tone.”


“I think the prompts were brilliant, having that there if you needed something because I think for the first week you’re a bit lost.”


[The prompts were] “absolutely exquisite” “ … you wouldn’t want to bring them back.”


“I think you’re made to feel from the beginning that there is no pressure on you at all, I think, and that’s great. And I think it … that can relax a lot of people with … including myself. And if you don’t want to film you don’t have to film.”


“I think that … you know sort of … with the recording I can express the unexpressable … err, to a degree. I mean the … there won’t … I won’t ever be able to record necessarily the … abstract … pictures that I have in my mind because they’re not there to record (laughs). But they … but there is erm… I suppose … the element of them can be … sort of captured in those.”


“I think … the things I notice has increased a lot more, as I say, now I sit at the bus stop and I’ll be looking, ‘Oh what’s that? Would that be good to film? Would that be…?, there’s still a matter of being indecisive, which is just me all over really, should I, shouldn’t, oh its gone now, I won’t …sort of thing, but what I see I think has improved, well not improved, gone back to what it used to be before, I was like I am now … in what I see around me. I’m always quite happy just sitting up, say, at the main doors and just watching things go past and observing things. Where it would have been sit at the main doors looking at my feet before.”


“It’s definitely given me something that I’ve enjoyed doing, and at the same time it’s been very … well, I’m going to use the word ‘validating’ for me because … you know, its … it erm … it helps to put things into perspective a bit more when you … when you get other people’s opinions … and comments and …”


I’ve … I’ve always been … or always was … a more observant person, I liked seeing what was going on around me … and it’s just disappeared over the years. So hopefully it’s now been refuelled … and will kick in again.”


“The project itself I think has been a positive thing. Definitely.”